Welcome to the really disorganized side of my mind. I've been putting up a lot of different things here, some past, some current, all mostly whims and fancies done while I really should have been doing something else.

I'm not entirely sure what it all means, here. Put together it might tell you a little about what I am, what I was, and where I might be going. Enjoy.


  • Words to Internet Pie available on the site now. This is the final sign I have too much free time.

  • Bored? Insult yourself, in high class.

  • If you have javascript, and like the type of puzzle where you figure out something about people based on vague little clues, you might like this.

  • Over on my other site, where I keep a pile of images, I've compiled all the images I've made for my two favourite MUSHes, Fedora and TinyTIM.

  • I've added....pics of me as a baby and leeeeetle kid! Help me embarrass myself.

  • Shakespeare's Gourmet is a collection of odd little links that I've found as I've travelled the net. If you want to see me with Big Texas Hair, here's where to go.

  • This is a page devoted to Peter Mulvey, a favourite acoustic guitarist of mine. He's really fabulous, and to prove it, I've included samples of his music, as well as pictures of him and a chat area if you want to talk to other fans, once you're converted ;-)

  • Some people have email addresses for their cats. Other people have pages for their cats. I had to outdo them by buying mine her own domain.

  • Lambda Omega Lambda: The only frat that lets cats join. And yes, I would call my country a....nevermind.
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