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I've been getting a lot of feedback based on the site, and a lot of it has been questions; do you know when he's playing here? Can you tell me something about a particular song?, things like that. Unfortunately, I work a lot; I do freelance web design, I have a contract as a programmer at a large company, and I currently am dealing with about 200 pieces of mail a day, so I've added this bulletin board section.

Please use this area to post reviews, questions, answers, recommendations of other artists who might appeal to Peter Mulvey fans, etcetera. I ask that you follow these rules:

  • Please, no offensive language.
  • Keep mildly on topic; though I don't mind tangents, or reflections, because that's what makes community, I don't want to see Peter Mulvey fans asking HTML questions here.
  • No commercial postings; this includes advertisements for bootlegs. (Mentioning where a legal album is available for a good price is fine; ads for Daves House O' Bootlegs are not.)
  • I reserve the right to remove/edit messages if they violate any of these rules. If there is an email address I will respond to you so you know what the problem is, and I'm always open to appeals.

Thanks a lot. Now that we've gotten that stuff out of the way, please, feel free to stay a while.

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