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Posted by matthew on April 07, 1999 at 12:03:43:

In Reply to: guitar tabs needed posted by josh on June 06, 1998 at 20:08:49:

: if anyone out there has any guitar tabs for mr. mulvey's songs...or for that matter any ideas on playing his songs...i would be in debt to you if you could send them my way. thank you very much.

If you're still interested...

I play a working (not by any means perfected) version of "smell the future",
which is seems close enough for a street corner or coffee shop cover. The following
is based on the "rain" version which is a bit slower and a little lower than the one
on "rapture": tune all strings 1 1/2 steps down from standard

the intro/verse is a basic Am C Am G progression using good old first position chord
forms (in such cases I don't tend to worry about what the chord is actually named)

follow the recording for the hammer-ons and fancy stuff with the base notes- its pretty
strait forward using the lower three strings

the second part of the song (driving in my dreams...)alternates between G and some F chord.
I usually play a barred F and G here, out of habit and to aid in creating those nifty harmonics,
but looking back, it almost sounds like peter uses an open chord for the F; play around with it
untill it suits your ears. add some harmonics and palm mutes at the end of this section, to taste
and then go back to the chorus/verse. end on Am.

"no one else" is in the same tuning, if memory serves it's in the key of D.

I hope this is usefull/interesting to someone. As always, if you're gonna cover something, make sure
you properly compensate the artist (if the situation fits) and put a plug in for thier work. Have fun!

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